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    We Will Serve You with Integrity in All We Do.

    Our business and investment objectives are the same.
    We strive to be the very best at what we do, for all we are entrusted to serve.

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    Investing in Businesses that Make a Difference in the World.

    By investing in healthcare and technology innovation, we are working to bring state-of-the-art practice and innovation to the service of our clients and patients worldwide.

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    We Invest in Leaders, Not Managers.

    Our team members have unparalleled industry leadership experience, with extensive investment, healthcare, and operations expertise.

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    Each Allele Fund Portfolio Company

    Has significant opportunity to make a difference, and serve people worldwide.

    Serves significant unmet needs to help people, and to shape industries.

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    Shaping Industries to Help People Globally.

    We invest in unmet need areas and in underserved markets with recurring demand.  We are driven by, and committed to, helping people.  We keep this at our heart.

Allele Fund - Our Ethos

The Allele Fund is a healthcare focused, socially responsible, venture capital/growth equity fund, which invests in and builds portfolio companies which have market leadership potential with disruptive business models, in high growth markets.

Allele Investments was founded to build a financing mechanism to make positive and consequential differences in the world, addressing significant unmet healthcare provision needs, in the service of patients and families globally.

The Allele Fund invests in companies in the early life cycle of businesses where significant impact, both financially and socially, can be achieved; in businesses that are often pre-profitability, that provide a targeted return on investment, and also have a positive social impact and improve the lives of the people it serves.

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Press Releases

Monday 27 Apr 2015

High-profile appointments at Allele Fund

• Ms. Nori Gerardo Lietz is acquiring an ownership stake in the management company of Allele Investments, becoming a co-owner with its Founder, Dr. Gail Bronwyn Lese, of the Allele Funds. She is taking an active role in the firm’s global growth and investment activities, joining the Allele Fund as Partner, and serving as Chairman of the Advisory Board
• Technology entrepreneur David Friend joins the Allele Fund Advisory Board; stewarding the successful business development of the Allele Fund technology companies
• Boost for women in Investment Management

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